Netflix Retraction

Ok, who’s the ass now? Yesterday, I witnessed my precious little angel bear crawling along the floor with something in her hand. Oh, well, what do you know? It was a DVD from Netflix! She was scooting it along the floor with possibly a large-ish hunk of debris between it and my hardwood floors.

Naturally, I was concerned about the scratching of my floor and in that instant realized I am the asshole. I am the one who renders DVDs scratchy and likely inoperable for others’ enjoyment.

I openly apologize for interfering with anyone’s viewing of Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic. My one-year-old daughter found it quite entertaining. Us, not so much. It was funny and all, but the overblown media hype gave away all the good jokes so early on. When she actually unfurled her brilliant comedy, it all seemed a little familiar and somewhat stale.


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