I am blonde as if you hadn’t already figured that out.  Yes, I use it to my advantage and yes, it works against me.  I am divorced with two children under the age of five six.  I work a full time “day job” and pretend I am a writer by night.  Some of my best work is crafted in the shower and behind the wheel.

I am classically trained in the fight or flight response thanks to genetics and a scorching case of adrenal fatigue.  I am fluent in fretting, proficient in “What If?” scenarios and the founder and president of Overthinkers Anonymous.

I don’t consider myself a great writer, I simply like to write about weird things that pass through my head.  I have been quietly blogging for some time and told no one with the exception of a handful of friends in the last year. It’s high time I flung myself to the wolves. Please don’t eat me.

Blonde at darthblonde dot com