2014: Unresolved

All that malarkey I spouted here about formalizing goals is a thing of the past.  I don’t think I made any resolutions for 2012 as I certainly couldn’t find reference to them in my FOUR posts in 2012.  Let’s just pretend that they morphed into 2013.

2013 Resolution Roundup

  • Run a 5k – Mostly I just looked at this one and laughed.  Ambitious for me, yes. Actually doable?  No.  Off the list for good.
  • Join the Circus – The closest I got to that was finding out my hairstylist knows a girl who does trapeze work.  Oh, and a Groupon for “circus arts” classes that were being offered only on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 am.  Which is clearly a schedule designed for people who work at Whole Foods or Hula Hoop for a living.
  • Write! – Seeing how my blog posts went from four to two in the last year, this one is a forfeit.
  • Migrate to an Electronic Calendar – I did it!  Yawn.
  • Go on a Buddhist Retreat – I found a new temple and went to visit and they were closed.  And, their hours don’t really sync with mine.  Sigh.

Behold, my list of “intentions” for 2014, first-world-problem-style:

  • Design a better delivery system for getting skinny jeans onto freshly moisturized legs.
  • Buy something other than golf-themed glitter bits stolen from the office for tooth fairy “dust.”
  • Stop dispensing discipline to my children from the toilet.
  • Develop a flash card system for my children with exciting new strings of curse words so they will know when Mommy is just being lazy or when she means business.
  • Make a list of all the Swedish things I’m going to buy when the new IKEA comes to town.
  • Stop noticing and scanning QR codes on my bananas.  Trust me, you do not want to get to this place in your life.

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