2012 Year in Review

The WordPress helper monkeys just sent me a “year in review” infographic thingy.  It was very pretty and thoughtful.  They give you the option to post it for all to see.  I declined.  The most unsatisfying thing about my stats-at-a-glance is that I blogged four times in 2012.  FOUR.  F.O.U.R.  It sure felt like more than four.  I think I went to visit my safe deposit box more than that.

2012 was the year where my blogging buckled under The Pressure.  My god, the pressure!  It was just so much easier to burp out something short on Facebook and let it live, hang and die out there rather than froth it up into a full-on blog post.

A lot of important things happened in 2012 and I did a fair amount of writing, just not publicly.

So there.  2012 goes out with a whimper.  No resolutions on deck to up the ante for 2013.  Just this post and a big, fat “we’ll see.”  Cheers!


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