Day 22: Resolve

Here we are, about six weeks away from the start of a new year.  I’m not huge on resolutions — I’m a big fan of just livin’ your life — but made few last year in the spirit of things.

Turns out I kinda like them.  I ride the line between the challenge of formalizing some goals and not wanting to apply undue pressure on myself.  But I do like the idea of bringing an awareness to that which may need tweaking in your life.   An upgrade to your OS, if you will.

However, because I am inherently lazy, I don’t tend to create overly-ambitious goals.  Which is really easier on everyone.  I figure when putting four goals to paper, there is a 50% chance I’m going to accomplish something.  It’s really like creating two goals and leaving two goals-in-waiting, knowing you’ll likely need a year to create the intention, do some research, develop the courage, or gumption as some might say, to actually pull it off.

Here’s a recap of my 2011 Resolutions YTD (That’s Year-to-Date for those of you who don’t work in an office with numbers)

  1. Run a 5K – yep.  Not gonna happen.  I walked the mile in high school.  I think I just needed a year to get over the fact that 5 sounds really big when it’s really only 2.3 miles.  What is that, like 20 minutes?  I can’t run for 30 seconds without my legs crying uncle.  Maybe next year.
  2. Write more and publish it – hey, look at me!  Check.
  3. Hot Yoga – definitely not going to happen.  I went to a meditation thing recently at a hot yoga studio where the room had been cooling down for a couple of hours.  I thought I was in India and going to die.  And I was sitting still.  I know people swear by it.  I’m just not wired for it.  At least I figured that out about myself.  There’s an accomplishment.
  4. Meditation – check.  Amazing things happen when you calm the monkeys in your mind.  This practice was not unlike opening Pandora’s Box in some ways.  Three-headed neurotic snakes oozed out but so did some pretty blue lights and some shrapnel of hope.  Ultimately a good experience.  I highly recommend it.  Total game-changer.
In thinking about 2012, a few things have come to mind, the most entertaining one is attending circus camp for adults.  Dead.  Serious.  2012 is going to be interesting.
In honor of NaBloPoMo.

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