Day 19: My Happiest Moment

Yesterday’s NaBloPoMo prompt (for those of us who tend to get stuck) was “Describe Your Happiest Moment.”  It’s difficult because I feel like I’ve had many a happy moment in my life, but I also feel that I don’t live in the moment and often forget the little details of those happy times.

However, after reading that prompt, I realized it was today.  I was getting ready and there was a cardinal on the leafless tree outside my window and he was the most vibrant red.  It reminded me that winter is coming soon and how my backyard fills with cardinals every year.  I loathe winter but this little bird and his friends manage to bring me a thimble full of happiness when they appear, making me forget about short days and wind chills and messy slush.

Now you’re going to start thinking I’m a bird freak.  So later, my kids and I were unloading groceries and this enormous hawk was circling above our house clearly looking for lunch.  For a minute I thought he was going to swoop down like a flying monkey and pick up my son.  But we just stood there and watched him circle and circle.  It was a beautiful moment.  My daughter remarked that he was as big as a cat.

In that moment, I thought about what it would feel like to really spread my wings and fly.  And it made me happy.


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