Day 18: A Weird List of Points I MUST Make

  1. I think Dora episodes are getting shorter.  That, or I am taking longer showers.  The other day I stepped out and heard, “We did it, we did it, lo hicimos, we did it, hooray!” and I was all, “What the hell was I DOING in there?”
  2. When someone posts a photo of their 1st-grader’s new mohawk on Facebook, I suddenly find myself questioning why I am friends with them.  It’s one thing to get the mohawk when your team goes to state, but really?  The first day of school? Hmmm, click.
  3. What do you do with your wedding album after divorce?  I’m pretty sure I just finished paying it off.  And now my initials don’t even match the monogram anymore.  I keep saving it thinking the kids will want to see it when they’re older, but won’t it be a bit like opening a dusty, old coffin where the Crypt Keeper pops out?
  4. Any article of clothing with a boatneck should be banned.  They don’t fit right and they don’t stay on hangers.

Day 18, people.  It’s downhill from here.


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