Day 9: Fretting Doogie Howser-Style

My day started with disciplining my children from the shower and somehow throwing my back out in the process.  What?  I have no idea what perfect storm of yelling and bending over for the loofah made that happen.

In addition, I just got home from working a 12-hour day, which was largely consumed with thinking “Oh God, I have to blog tonight. What the hell am I going to write about?”  Sure, I have stuff in the hopper, but I am too tired to edit and create and craft and weave my magical words into prose.  So I’ve spent 12 hours fretting.  Which I’m good at.  I wish fretting had been a major choice in college.  I’d be all kickin’ it like Doogie Howser and score my PhD in a year.

So here I sit, tired and overworked and overstimulated.  A sink full of dishes awaits my loving caress.  Legos and Magnetos and sharp-if-you-step-on-them toys are strewn about.  But hey, look at me, I’m blogging!

By the way, I am blogger #2,103 of 2,216 bloggers participating in BlogHer’s blogroll of NaBloPoMo-ers. (How many times in a sentence can you use the word blog? I’ve said it so many times, it’s no longer a word now. It has no meaning. Blog blog blog blog.)

There. I’ve blogged. Goodnight.


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