Day 5: The Girl’s Guide to Scouting

My daughter just joined the pre-scout Girl Scouts, otherwise known as the Daisy scouts.  While I’m thinking about character building, sewing and cooking skills, along with a dash of how to start a fire, and orienteering with a compass, she’s all excited about the tunic (otherwise known as a smock.)  Figures.

I suddenly feel like a tree and I am surrounded by apples that have fallen a little too close.  I yearn for her to learn skills that will come in handy in emergency situations, skills that will carry her into adulthood and perhaps even impress some people along the way.  I have felt helpless and ineffective in enough situations in my life that I fully embrace the need to project my unfinished business onto my daughter.

Although, one could argue that learning how to tie a smock in the most fashion-appropriate way is important, not to mention the placement of the iron-on patches and accessory pins.  Girl’s gotta diversify, but smock tying will not help when you’ve gone hiking in the snow and gotten yourself lost and are on your last Power Bar.

After her first meeting, she came home with the Girl Scout promise where they pledge to serve God.  Is anyone else here uncomfortable?  I bet you forgot all about that last Power Bar, didn’t you?  Me too.

This post lovingly brought to you in honor of NaBloPoMo.


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