Day 4: I’m Desperate for Posts

I pull up to the traffic light, look over and there are two hot guys checking me out.  This is the conversation that took place in my head.

Me:                        That’s right, boys. I still got it.

Hot Guy #1:            Dude, is that a car seat?

Hot Guy #2:            Dude, there are TWO.

M:                           Shit. The seats.

HG #1                    (looking less hot by the minute) looks away.

HG #2:                   Total MILF, but kids are some serious baggage.

M:                          No, wait! I’m divorced! I’m hot! Keep looking at me!

Not-as-hot-as-I-thought guys drive off and at the same time check me off their list.

M:                        I would SO never pick up a dude at a traffic light. That’s super whore.

Did I really just say this out loud?

In honor of NaBloPoMo.


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