Ready for a Intervention

My most recent dating record:

  • Went on two dates with a guy who said, “I’ll call you.” And never did.
  • Took up with a married man who lives in another state.
  • Acquired an independently wealthy stalker.
  • Talked at length with the checker at Home Depot about his incredibly expensive prescription for migraines.
  • Attracted a number of men who were separated but not quite divorced. What is THAT about?
  • Created a LinkedIn profile that has become a short list of guys I’ve dated or would like to date.
  • Logged more quality time with the resident physician at the local Urgent Care center in the last year than any other guy, and he seems to like my kids.  What’s there to misinterpret?
  • Attracted scores of men in a different league. Specifically, me being out of theirs.

I’d say things are shaping up nicely.


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