L is for Lazy, Thus L is for List

I got tired of creating new posts for every thought I scribbled down. So here are two random items.

  1. Nothing like gearing up for swimsuit season right about the same time that the 1,400 Girl Scout cookies I ordered arrive at my door. I find myself fishing through my underwear drawer for the mediums. Good times.
  2. I am someone who is pleased by little things. I got my driver’s license renewed a couple of days ago and was positively gleeful over my picture. I mean, isn’t that the old joke? Everyone complains about their driver’s license pics looking like a death march. Mine made me look tan and shiny (in a good way), my hair was decent, I wore black – how much better could it be? Then I looked at my new expiration date and was thrilled to see that I was going to be locked into that awesome photo for SIX whole years.

Then I made the slow realization that I would be 44 when that time came. A lot can happen in six years, people can die, get divorced, have babies, get fat, stay fat, lose loved ones, change jobs. That’s six whole Christmases, six shitty winters and six blistering summers in St. Louis, two elections, six embarrassing full-body mole checks, countless hangovers, approximately three changes of my 6-disc CD player in my car. The list goes on. Needless to say, I was a bit deflated when I got back to the office.


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