Dramamine and Beer, the New Mojito

My husband just left for a 4-day trip to Florida with 10 guys to golf and deep-sea fish and celebrate his friend’s pending nuptials. While he was packing his 12 pair of underwear for this 4-day trip, he mentioned that this was going to be his “own personal Vietnam.”*

He apparently is the only guy who goes to bed early (at 2:30 a.m.), the only one who eats breakfast before 11:00 a.m. (and then needs to eat again in 2-4 hours), and doesn’t like communal sleeping, bathing or eating. Although this is no Daytona ’87, I’m sure it is by far the most intense and difficult battle he has ever waged. So far he has eaten a whole box of granola bars in the last 24 hours just to stay alive.

Hang in there, soldier, the chopper’s on its way.

* Disclaimer – the mention of Vietnam is in no way making light of what is no doubt a very serious event in many people’s lives. I was simply riffing on some terms that might be inappropriately funny. Any hurtful or unlawful commentary is completely unintended and purely for entertainment purposes.


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