Thought Tapas. Small Plates of Brilliance.

Here are the things bopping around in my head while I’m watching “America’s Top Model.” (Warning: this post will be a mental high for everyone, I’m sure.)

  1. The “Simpsons.” I like the show when I’m watching it. But when it’s on in the background while I am doing something else, I want to kill everyone in sight. I don’t know what it is. Homer just pisses me off because he’s so dumb. Bart is so immature. Lisa is such a sap. Marge is too screechy. And why did they wait so long to make a movie? Whenever I see the preview, I feel like I am stuck in 1990 where my bangs are really high on my head, my jeans are rolled at the ankles and I am jammin’ out to some Living Color and Tesla in my dorm room.
  2. We just had some work done in our bathroom which required us to function with partially opened walls while showering. In an effort to protect the open areas from water, the best thing that worked was Glad Press n’ Seal. I’ve had a box of that essentially useless wrap in my pantry for like two years. C’mon people, it’s glorified Saran Wrap. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a crap shoot. Hey, even better, a wrap shoot! But, I gotta tell ya, it sure as shit sticks to tile and metal! It saved us. Thumbs up, Glad!
  3. I had to go to my daughter’s pediatrician’s office the other day and in the same hallway is a child psychiatrist’s office. Every time I walk by that office, I feel so sorry for the kids that have something so wrong in their life that they have to go there. I mean, therapy shouldn’t appear in your life until your mid-30s, at least. On my way out that day, there was a seven-ish-year-old boy coming out with his mom. You could tell she was all walking on eggshells with him, asking him where he wanted to eat lunch (to no response) and then telling him what she was hungry for (again to no response). It was a bit weird to witness, I have to confess. But yet, I was so grossly curious at what fucked the kid up in the first place.

Tyra just sent home one of the twins. Oh, the drama.


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