Graceland Under Pressure

Maybe this has occurred to you already, but it just occurred to me. Britney is quickly becoming the new Anna Nicole/Elvis. She is just downright weird and any talent she had is leaking out faster than you can say “broken levee.” The head-shaving, the wig, the seriously over Pussycat Dolls-esque mini-show at the House of Blues. It was karaoke, people. I took dance lessons growing up and I’m sorry, any monkey can writhe around for 11 minutes on stage.

Brit has officially jumped the shark. She did a long time ago, but I am just now acknowledging it, I suppose. I frankly feel a bit sorry for celebrities who have way too much money, so they hire assistants and yes-men to do everything for them and thus they are left with a ton of free time to be alone with their thoughts. So they begin having delusions of grandeur, party every night and think their warbling (or acting) is what people have been missing all their lives. You are BORED, INSECURE and NEEDY.

Brit, just go away for a long time and hang out with your kids. No one else. That will be all the perspective you will ever need.


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