The force is SO not with me.

Actual conversation between me and hubby today:

Hubby: Hey, guess what? I emailed Peter Mayhew today.

Me: I’m sorry, what?

H: You know, Chewbacca.

M: Why?

H: He had a link on his website. I was going to email the guy who played Darth Vader, but on his website, he seemed a little full of himself. Chewbacca was much more approachable.

M: Yes, I see. Hey, did you have time to stop off and get a new printer cartridge today?

H: No, I ran out of time.

M: Oh. Too busy emailing Chewbacca?

H: Yeah, and I gotta get going. I’m meeting my Dad at 6:00 so we can race his new slot cars.

Attention: Whatever nine-year-old from 1975 that has taken possession of my 37-year-old husband’s body, please return him safely at your earliest convenience.


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