The Big Easy

OK, the media sucks. Matt Lauer sucks. He cannot control his need to constantly interrupt people. He would interrupt Jesus in the middle of some spiritual pearl of wisdom to ask about his take on the DaVinci Code. And don’t think for a minute that Al, Katie and Ann are a little pissed that they all decided to go on vacation/get surgery during one of the largest news weeks in months. They thought, “Let’s see, gas prices, the war, and identity theft. I think I’ll go to Belize this week.”

Here’s the thing: everyone is saying “Whew! So glad New Orleans didn’t take the brunt of Katrina.” Meanwhile, I’m thinking, what about the poor fucking Mississippi Delta town that DID get the brunt? Just because it hit some unknown town makes it better? Easier to handle?

And, why is it that no one is talking about the massive volume of pets and farm animals that were left behind to ride out the storm? They probably all drowned or died of fright. I know it sucks, the superdome is filled with shit and piss and invalids and food and water are scarce. But come on people, quit capitalizing on people’s misery for a sweet news bite and drop the microphones and help or something. It’s embarrassing.

It’s easy for me to sit in my tower and bitch at the TV when those morons are freezing from the A/C in some studio reading a teleprompter.

I have no room to talk. I am not an action person. I am a “throw money at it” person. I am all about giving money to worthy causes so I don’t have to go to Ethiopia and feed bloated infants with a paste-filled eyedropper. I’m too sensitive. I can’t handle it. At least I know that much about myself.


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